What is The Monarch?

The Monarch is a faith based, culture challenging, nonfiction literary arts magazine. We publish captivating works that capture imperfect goodness—transforming works that transcend tradition, inspiring personal and global change. 

Aspiring to promote a welcoming atmosphere for the arts which tie us back to the root system of God’s creation, we encourage our readers and creators to embrace who Jesus is in all His paradoxical glory and humanity.


Every story here is raw, not sugar coating the reality of our fallen world, but rather capturing God’s goodness in it, in us.


Established September 2020, we're a new publication being birthed into a world where feelings define a large portion of the population’s “truth”. 


We are different. Truth has a name, the name of Jesus. Just like Jesus, we invite your mess, your trauma, your heartache, all of it. Because we know there is healing in God-centric community, and our stories have the power to illuminate truth—for ourselves and others.


We're proudly based in Wilmington, NC and strive to serve not only our city but the world, bringing the paradox of truth, the earthshaking power and gentle beauty of it all, to the front lines.


We are leaders. 

We are writers. 

We are artists. 

We are followers of Christ.


And we'll keep creating until The End.

Our Team

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Meet the Editor

Hi! I'm Katherine Kwiatek the creator and editor in chief of The Monarch. Soon-to-be graduate of UNCW, I'm getting my degree in Creative Writing and Publishing. Besides run this literary magazine, I write, sing, play a bunch of instruments, and nerd out over Greek and Hebrew words. Jesus is my source, and everything I do is for the King of Heaven and His kingdom, my home.

As editor in chief and creator of The Monarch, I strive to create a space of love and truth here. Life is messy, and our journeys are diverse, but that just means we have so much to learn from one another! What a beautiful thing--to share the truth we've all found in a collective space, to let the world hear our stories and be inspired to press on.