Welcome creators! We’re ecstatic to see your nonfiction creative essays and short stories, poetry, photography, and art submissions. At present, The Monarch puts out four issues a year. Please look over our guidelines and read periods carefully. 

Upcoming Deadlines

Volume 1

  • Projected Print Date: September 1st 2021

Volume 2

  • Submunitions Open: October 1st 2021

  • Submissions Close: May 1st 2022

  • Projected Print Date: September 1st 2022

Format & Guidelines


For everyone considering sending artwork or photography in, we ask that you use the highest quality of the image possible, at minimum 400x400 pixel quality.

All written works should be sent in as word documents or PDF’s. For formatting, we ask writers to follow these general guidelines:

  • Times New Roman

  • 1.5 line spacing 

  • 1 inch margins 

  • Nonfiction Stories and Informal Essays

    • 250-1,000 words

  • Poetry

    • 3-5 poems, 10 pages max

    • Individual poems, 3 pages max

  • Communicate a “truth” relative to:

    • Politics

    • Religion

    • Sexuality

    • Relationship 

    • Racial Injustice

    • Personal Journey 

  • Trigger Warning/Disclaimer for Sensitive Content 


Our submitters are encouraged to email in as many submissions as their hearts desire within the reading periods. Also, all submissions should be included in one email but separate files. It is crucial that all written submissions are nonfiction. All submissions should include a short bio no longer than a few sentences. Tell us a little about yourself!

Image by STIL

After our editor and associate editors receive your submissions to carefully consider, it will generally take a week or two for you to hear back from us via email. Please let us know if your work is picked up by another publication before we get it as we only accept unpublished works. 


As you create, think about what is important to you, what’s stretched and challenged you, what’s dared your own soul to go deeper. There is nothing more compelling to read or see than what compels you, the creator. Show us what matters to you, what fires you up, what makes your passion boil and burst. Push the boundaries of the status quo. Surprise us. Inspire us.

Dare us to be our best, to be true.